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Inside the bathroom mirror #makeup #beauty #Ihavealotofthings

Inside the bathroom mirror #makeup #beauty #Ihavealotofthings



is this gay? - my first question about anything

can i make it gay? - my second question

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Mortar and pestle from Nick for my birthday!

Mortar and pestle from Nick for my birthday!

I had a dream where I made lemonade and this fish, about the size and shape of a Lima bean would ended up in it. The little dude was drowning in the sugary lemony drink so I scooped it out and placed it in a small fish bowl. Then I made a HUGE batch and like 15 of those fuckers showed up. I said fuck that and dumped that shit down the sink.


I woke up honestly curious how they make so much lemonade at work without getting Lima bean fish.

I thought I wasn’t going to successfully make lemonade ever again.


Today (February 5th) is Trayvon Martin's birthday and if he lived and was allowed to walk home with his snacks and back to watch the game he was watching with his father, he would be 19 years old today.

The very disgusting White sociopathic racist George Zimmerman—whose whole defense rested on his inability to fight—has been hunting someone to box and “even Black people” (his own words) can apply, and earlier today on Trayvon’s birthday, it was announced that it would be with DMX. (Actual fight didn’t occur yet though.) The fact that the fight and even speaking of it has to occur this month above any and has to occur at all reveals the plague that is White supremacist capitalist patriarchy. All elements working together.

Right after I wrote my response to the “not guilty” verdict, I mentioned that Trayvon’s death and the “not guilty” verdict would not be enough for Zimmerman, for his hateful White supporters or White supremacy itself, and that his murder would become an object of consumption, which we saw on Halloween as well. Since that verdict he has abused two White women (after White women let him walk in the first place, on that jury) and has other assorted charges and incidents. He is a symbol of White supremacy and for people who do not understand Whiteness in juxtaposition to Blackness, not a single fuck is given about his mother’s heritage or father’s religion. None. He is White-passing and a tool of the State—a symbol to remind Black people of our oppression and uphill battle against White supremacy. An object of anti-Blackness. And Whites with ethnic heritages and even non-Black people of colour can proliferate anti-Blackness.

And of course the “respectable" Black people who insulted Rachel Jeantel might say "well the fight wouldn’t exist if DMX said no." DMX is a person raised in the same oppressive society that makes some Black people think if Rachel could’ve been a little more light skinned, thin and “proper” like Lolo Jones who insulted her, perhaps things would be different. The issue is that we should not have to perform and try out for humanity. It should already be conferred upon birth. It is not conferred because of the same reason why George Zimmerman continues being a plague, but only a symbol of a greater plague. Black people cannot end racism alone. Ending racism is not on us to do, actually. It’s on those who proliferate it and benefit from it.

For White people who want to fuck with me about ableism, sociopathy assertion is not ableism. (I sent some tweets on this actually; scroll up.) Don’t you dare with me today. Don’t. You want to call it as such because you refuse to acknowledge how dehumanization and lack of empathy are core to Whiteness and White supremacy, so the game you play is with false claims of bigotry meant to silence (as you ignore the ableism that Black people deal with, some based on stereotypes that exist because of White supremacy, no less) pushback on White privilege and racism. Do not do it today.

Of course my heart breaks for all Black people but especially for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. What they did—other than be Black in America—that they deserve this endless torture and degradation of their child’s life, I will never be able to emotionally process. I cannot understand the pain they must feel and do nothing to deserve.

Sign PETITION against any George Zimmerman fight.

My friends become moms and then want to take away other women’s rights to choose #feministproblems