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I'm a historian, anthropologist, agnostic atheist, rationalist, pop culture enthusiast, child-free, feminist, Bowie loving, whiskey drinking, shit talking, force to be reckoned with. Nice to meet you.


This is Evelyn, or Evie, my sister’s dog. She died sometime yesterday or this morning. She was a difficult animal to love for her size and her bounds of energy. But, she was loving, sweet, playful and protective. My heart aches, but the overwhelming emotion I am feeling is anger.

Evie strangled herself, fucking strangled. I can only imagine the terror and pain she experienced before her unexpected death. And, to think that this all could have been avoided if my sister hadn’t kept her on the leash ALL THE TIME. This fact, is due to my sister’s in-laws (who they live with at the moment) are the type of people who keep dogs outside. I realize that this was out of my sister’s control, but I feel there could of been some sort of compromise.

I am livid thinking about how poorly they cared for their animal, in the last few months. Something that loved them unconditionally and protected them. When you own an animal, it is your responsibility for their well-being, DAMMIT. They, like many new parents, neglected their dog after the birth of my nephew. I understand that it is difficult managing work, the baby and the (enormous) dog. But fuck, they could of found her a new home, at least. She was a farm dog, through and through, just needed a place where she could run and protect her territory from all kinds of intruders. That dog killed raccoons, opossums, moles and I can’t remember what.

So today I am a little sad, and mad. But, most my anger is towards the Romney/Ryan bullshit. I really hope they burn in that imaginary “hell” place that they believe exists. 

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